About Heather O’Brien LPSNZ


Heather O'BrienI have always been interested in photography but it wasn’t until 2004 that I really began my journey. Since then I have been on a mission to learn about photography and to find my voice in this medium.

By presenting images of our native birds in different and novel ways, I hope to provide an opportunity to “meet” and appreciate these often-unnoticed characters.

New Zealand birds often get described as being plain or brown. It is easy to forget how special and beautiful they are. We so rarely get the opportunity to see them up close.

Conservation of our natural environment is very dear to my heart and this drives and provides inspiration for my work. I would be delighted if my images raised awareness of conservation issues. For example, some of the species of birds presented in this current collection have a “vulnerable” conservation status. There are only approximately 260 takahe birds in existence!

I photograph using a Canon 7D MkII SLR digital camera and use macro stacking techniques to reveal detail.

I can often be found “in the wilds” of the North frequently using my trusty prius car as a hide to stealthily watch and wait for the perfect shot to form the basis of my next artwork.