The Photography


I found that by taking a macro perspective or isolating particularly characterful aspects of the birds, I could reveal and celebrate the amazing beauty, colours, patterns and textures of our native birds and their feathers.

I am particularly drawn to the calming beauty and seemingly simplistic form of the individual feather.

This current collection includes the Kiwi, Takahe, Tui, Ruru, Kereru.


I can sit and watch them for hours, and I often do. By watching and photographing them just going about their daily business, I learn about how the birds live within the rhythm’s of tide and season.
I particularly love to photograph birds in flight as I feel a sense of freedom and wonder at their design and ability.

Heather O'Brien Photography New Zealand


They mesmerize me. I’m drawn to them and can watch them for hours. The shapes that form and reform, constantly renewing.
By using the camera and lens to slow movement, beautiful shapes, patterns and colours are revealed.


It is a thing of beauty to watch how different light changes our view of the landscape. Soft morning and evening light reveal contour, colour and texture. Appearing to bring these aspects closer for us to see. The harder midday light somehow flattens out the landscape.

It’s such a pleasure to capture this fleeting beauty. Some of my favourite images are of the Northland coast and beaches.